Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{bike lovin}

look at this excitement!

a couple of our dear friends back at home blessed us with the money for new bikes.  we are so thankful.  they have saved us so much time and it is wonderful to have a form of transportation!

Monday, February 27, 2012

sushi train

dane and i recently had a date at sushi train.  we had heard of these, but never experienced them ourselves.  the way it works is sushi comes around on plates, and you pick up the plates that you want.  the plates are different colors, representing the price of each item.  it was so fun and we hope to go back again soon!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


beach trip 2012!  how could that phrase not excite you!  dane and i joined several of our married couples friends this past weekend for a beach outing.  this was the first time for dane and i to dive into the australian waters, and i must admit, i was a bit reluctant, fearing shark attacks (i watched a few too many hours of shark week at the burch house this summer).  but eventually, i dove in and just LOVED it.  hope you enjoy some snapshots from our day!

 we rode a ferry to manly beach.  it was dane and my first ferry ride.  such a fun way to travel!

 the best best best ice cream here comes from a shop called gelatissamo.  this "american chocolate" flavor made me so happy.  of course i sampled but ended up going with the fresh strawberry.  it reminded so much of the strawberry ice cream grandma bebermeyer used to make me.  she told me it would make my cheeks rosey, so i ate lots!

 hungry jacks aka...burger king.

our good friends from virginia, mark & marcie
 good friends from sweeden, jonas & matilda

 this picture makes me smile so so much!

 this was the site for a couples wedding on that day.  all of the guests were lined up in black tie and boarded the boat in sydney harbour.

we hope you will all come visit and join us for an amazing day at manly beach!  
{xoxo} the kids down under

Saturday, February 18, 2012

window shopping: owl crush

was doing a little window shopping on one of my favorite online stores, modcloth.com

and fell in love with these lovely winged friends!  

window shopping online, always a fun time!