Friday, February 26, 2010

document december 2009

i wanted to share with you all one of my favorite hobbies...scrapbooking. i love taking something so simple as paper, and turning it into a treasure. this december i created a scrapbook called document december.

the goal of the project is to have a book created with 25 pages, each page including a place for a picture and journal entry. we all know that december is a crazy month, so it is important to have this book set up before december 1st hits.

so why did i do this? december is my favorite month of the year. there are so many special things that happen during this month that i wanted to capture and remember. i finished the book over a month ago (sorry it took me so long to post) but find myself flipping through and laughing so many times. if you love scrapbooking, photography, or just sharing stories and memories, i encourage you all to try something similar in 2010.

happy christmas everyone!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ weekend

what was your valentines day weekend full of? flowers? chocolate? candy? olympics? tears? pretty dresses? family? friends? here is a taste of mine.

my dad's hat makes me smile every single time he wears it.

♥ this guy ♥
dane took me on a surprise date saturday. we ended up at this magical place where we played putt-putt...

ski ball (my favorite)

and shoot em' up (well that's what i call it...dane's favorite)

our prizes...vampire teeth. i know, he makes a much better vampire than i do :)

other surprises for the day included outdoor lunch at rock-a-belly deli, coffee at the new radinas (snicker mocha is a must try) and a trip to acme where a new shipment of flowers had just rolled in. it smelled delicious!

♥acme is my favorite♥

♥ my church family ♥
we had all you can eat pancakes on valentines day at church. mikey made us the most adorable heart pancakes.

hannah & charissa did some amazing advertising for us in freezing temperatures. now that is dedication!

every year mom makes us a delicious candlelight dinner on valentines day. we had yummy steak, potatoes, indiana spinach salad, bread, and chocolate pie!

♥ maggie ♥
she looks so adorable in owl!

♥ the movies ♥
i finally went and saw new moon at the rex this weekend. i think the rex is absolutely gorgeous. i tried sneaking a picture, but was afraid people would think i was bootlegging the movie.

♥happy valentines day everyone♥

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

florals in spring...groundbreaking.

"florals in spring... groundbreaking." - devil wears prada

so maybe my most recent obsession with floral prints isn't on the cutting edge of fashion. it might have more to do with a longing for spring and the romantic side of me shining through, but here lately i just can't seem to get enough floral in my life. here are some floral loves i found today.

i would totally live here.{source}

i would LOVE to have this cheery chair in my house. {source}

i also found a great tutorial on how to make these adorable rose earrings. now if only i could find the rose shaped buttons.

and i even have some floral action of my own going on. i am forcing tulip bulbs, so hopefully i'll have gorgeous blooms soon!