Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my week in color: yellow

Monday was dedicated to a color that I love dearly.  I love it so much, it is the main color at my wedding in October!

 some wedding decorations!
 currently two of my favorite items in my kitchen.
 spring has began to burst forth!
i have always loved this sign.  if this sign ever goes up for sale, i hope to own it!

today's focus is springing up all around me, signifying life, growth and lush!  

Monday, March 21, 2011

my week in color: honeysuckle

my week in color began yesterday with none other than shades on honeysuckle.  selected because it is pantone's color of the year!  

yesterday was like looking at the world through rose colored glasses :)  Here are some lovely things I discovered!

 vintage wallpaper in opossum lodge.  we worked all day on saturday to gut the second story and accomplished it!
 my contact case...happiness!
 i love these shoes from target, i love the colorful lining even more.  yesterday was so beautiful, i couldn't help but let my toes peak out into the world!
 the best candy ever is in the shade of pink...STRAWBERRY MENTOS!
 this note hangs on my refrigerator and is a reminder every single day to keep my priorities in check.
 the entry way to my house :)
 in this picture they look red, but i promise you, my toenails are an amazing shade of vibrant pink.
 colorful straws make life so much more fun!

 and say hello to today's color.  cheery and bright....yellow!
would you like to join me in my photography challenge?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

starting sunday....

starting this sunday: one week of color.  i hope all of you photographers will join me in capturing the beauty of the world around you.  its simple, just snap pictures of the items in your world that match the color for that day :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

ten ways to make it special- march edition

i'm back to start this month off with 10 ways to make it special the march edition.  check it out, and make march 2011 your best month yet!
1. do a wardrobe remix on your closet.  look at the clothes you have and try and put together at least one new outfit that you might never have thought about before.  try a new color combination, mixing prints or adding unique accessories like a scarf or belt.  then, the most important part....wear it confidently :)

2. write a letter to a friend just because.  who doesn't love getting snail mail?

3. in kansas, during march, the signs of spring begin to show (i just saw some today...eek!!!!)  take advantage of those days that warm up to above 50 and go for a walk with your camera or camera phone, and snap pictures of the signs of spring that begin popping up everywhere.

4. secretly purchase dessert for a table of people you don't know at a restaurant.  this idea comes from my fiancĂ©e.  it will not only make their day, but yours as well.

5. this one is for you journalers out there.  instead of writing all about your day, draw your favorite part of the day or draw something that you are thankful for.  it adds interest to your journal pages, and encourages both right and left brain usage (and we all need a little more of that!)

6. play a board game with someone.  i really think we forget how enjoyable board games can be.  call some friends up, grab some simple snacks and delicious beverages, and go for it.  here are some of my favorites:

mall madness



catch phrase

7. try nutella.  if you have never had this delicious treat then you are missing out.  i recommend it on toast with sliced bananas, used as dipping sauce for sliced apples, or straight on with spoon in the jar and lick.  by the way, i'm going to make nutella hot chocolate tonight.  you can too. check out the recipe here.  yummmy!

8. build a fort.  you know you had amazing fort building skills when you were a kid.  start to embrace your inner child and try it again.  (you'll probably find you're even better at it as an adult).  now, what to do with your fort?  sleep inside it for a night.  have a family dinner inside.  get cozy with your friends and watch a movie in it.  or just lay there and marvel at the new little happy world you created.

9. put a little spring in your life.  add a pop of pink or green to your home, go outside and cut something natural and bring it in.  Change of the scents in your home from winter cozy cinnamons and vanillas to springtime freshness like clean cottons and peony.  

10. join me in my "live in color week," march 20-26th.  each day will be assigned a color. then, as a professional or amateur photographer we will snap pictures throughout our day of objects we find in our environments that fit into that color category.  throughout the week we'll be sharing these pictures on our blogs, facebook, and flickr pages.

have a wonderful march everyone!

seize the day february 28th

so my february 28th was not a typical type of day for me, but that is what this project is all about, finding the special in the ordinary.  here's my life on february 28th!

 6:00am- super early wake up call to take my mama to the dentist

7:00am- a beautiful sunrise

8:00am admiring the necklace my aunt gave me while in the waiting room

9:00am- devotions, journaling, and blog plans

10:00am- ahhh the shamrock shake.  this pic is for brady, jaydinn, and sarah

11:00am- the mail, one of my favorite parts of the day

12:00pm-3:00pm because i had been up super late with youth activities the night before and had to wake up way early this morning, i found myself here for several hours.  it was much needed!

4:00pm my daily workout

5:00pm new favorite snack humus + pita

 6:00pm a gorgeous sunset.  cameras never do them justice!

 7:00pm homemade pizza

 8:00pm ice cream + the time traveler's wife

 9:00pm journaling + an early bed time for me!

that's my february 28th.  if you participated, i would LOVE to see yours!