Monday, March 21, 2011

my week in color: honeysuckle

my week in color began yesterday with none other than shades on honeysuckle.  selected because it is pantone's color of the year!  

yesterday was like looking at the world through rose colored glasses :)  Here are some lovely things I discovered!

 vintage wallpaper in opossum lodge.  we worked all day on saturday to gut the second story and accomplished it!
 my contact case...happiness!
 i love these shoes from target, i love the colorful lining even more.  yesterday was so beautiful, i couldn't help but let my toes peak out into the world!
 the best candy ever is in the shade of pink...STRAWBERRY MENTOS!
 this note hangs on my refrigerator and is a reminder every single day to keep my priorities in check.
 the entry way to my house :)
 in this picture they look red, but i promise you, my toenails are an amazing shade of vibrant pink.
 colorful straws make life so much more fun!

 and say hello to today's color.  cheery and bright....yellow!
would you like to join me in my photography challenge?

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