Monday, January 25, 2010

snapshots of my weekend

snapshots of my weekend.
i know it wasn't the weekend, but it was thursday night, and it was super fun...the owl city concert in kansas city. i went with these lovely girls, and christie made us the awesome hats. if you have never listened to owl city, you MUST check out their song vanilla twilight. truly my favorite.

this is my new little favorite spot in my house.

saturday anna, noni, and i threw our friend dena a baby shower, but i just had to go outside with the pink balloons we bought. they contrasted perfectly with the blue sky.

after the shower, i went to watch my cousin play basketball in solomon and had dinner with my family.
i'm always on the lookout for a good butt picture.

have a happy day everyone.

Monday, January 18, 2010

a year gone by.

today i say goodbye to this.

the pony tail.
after growing my hair out for over a year, today it all goes away. and with it, i hope a fresh outlook (i'm feeling a little frumpy!)

lots of goals this week, but it will be fun. i hope to visit here more often!

* nicole's wedding shower invites sent out
* finish the "touch of red" decor that is taking over my living room
* get ready for dena's baby shower on saturday...which includes making cupcakes...yum yum.
* in desperate need of some creative time.
* owl city on thursday!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

.winter cleaning.

another blustery winter storm is headed our way, which means the coffeehouse is closed for this evening. its sad really. i was looking forward to listening to my buddy Ky play his guitar, drinking snicker doodle coffee, and eating a slice of berry cherry pie. but instead of getting down, i'm trying to be happy.

you see, i'm not one to catch the spring cleaning fever, but i do find myself often medicating a winter cleaning fever. tonight is one of those nights. winter cleaning means, bye bye christmas decor (so sad decor is my favorite) but hello to a blank canvas house and the opportunity to creatively put it back together. so there is my goal for this evening.

hopefully i'll be back soon with what i came up with. stay warm and cozy everyone!