Thursday, March 3, 2011

seize the day february 28th

so my february 28th was not a typical type of day for me, but that is what this project is all about, finding the special in the ordinary.  here's my life on february 28th!

 6:00am- super early wake up call to take my mama to the dentist

7:00am- a beautiful sunrise

8:00am admiring the necklace my aunt gave me while in the waiting room

9:00am- devotions, journaling, and blog plans

10:00am- ahhh the shamrock shake.  this pic is for brady, jaydinn, and sarah

11:00am- the mail, one of my favorite parts of the day

12:00pm-3:00pm because i had been up super late with youth activities the night before and had to wake up way early this morning, i found myself here for several hours.  it was much needed!

4:00pm my daily workout

5:00pm new favorite snack humus + pita

 6:00pm a gorgeous sunset.  cameras never do them justice!

 7:00pm homemade pizza

 8:00pm ice cream + the time traveler's wife

 9:00pm journaling + an early bed time for me!

that's my february 28th.  if you participated, i would LOVE to see yours!

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