Monday, November 2, 2009

.a halloween weekend to remember.

it was a joyous halloween weekend. here are a few pics to share with you.

we celebrated my dad's birthday thursday. love ya dad. this pic was taken at the water wall in houston, tx while on a mission trip this past summer. so fun to serve alongside my dad in houston.

friday we traveled to tulsa, ok to see the david crowder band. one of my favorite bands of all time, if not, THE favorite band of all time. it was a very uplifting evening.

they played at cain's ballroom, which is a place where some of country's greatest have played, so the banjo was quite appropriate. it was said that we were the best crowd on the entire tour.

bwack built a robotic drum. seriously the man is a genius in more than one way. check out this video

two of my favorite quotes from the crowder concert come from my mom, she loves loves loves david crowder

"Earplugs, you don't need earplugs at a david crowder concert. If you have him ringing in your ears the rest of your life, it would be worth it."

"I wish I could fly and be invisible."

we also stayed at a hotel in tulsa. when we pulled up, this is what we saw outside our door with a half inch gap around it. i could do nothing but smile.

halloween brings about a tradition that i love. we have started building huge fires in our front yard and decorating with all sorts of fun pumpkin lights. i think the place looks adorable each year!

rebecca's cat...wil-duh-bee was a hot dog. how hilarious huh?

sunday was the youth group costume party. here are a few snapshots of things that made me smile!

we have great carving skills!

don't they make you smile?

and there is lots of fun coming up this week!
* Tiger football on Tuesday*
*Journey to Bethlehem starts...I can't wait to share more about this with all of you!*
*Coffeehouse Wednesday*
*This Is It..the new Michael Jackson movie on Thursday*
*Rebecca is in town 2 weeks in a row!!!*
*Chili Bowl*
*A photo shoot with my cousin's family*
*24 Feet*

happy monday everyone!


  1. This whole blog made me smile : )
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love it! Awesome made me smile...Kelli Hays