Friday, November 6, 2009


i am spending today substitute teaching. yes. as well as being a youth pastor i get to sub. i enjoy subbing because instead of being in my office for most of the day, i am surrounded by the kids that i enjoy spending time with and getting to know! today i am the school librarian, and things aren't too crazy busy, so i was checking out some of my favorite websites, and ran across these things that made me smile!

my youth group will be taking a mission trip to chicago, il in the summer of 2010. we will be working with csm and serving in whatever ways we are needed. from soup kitchens to homeless shelters. i am so excited!

this girl reminds me of myself with her crazy owl obsession. i still have my "owl family picture" on my list of goals.

one of the coolest scrapbooking ideas i have ever seen. if i find some spare time over the course of the month of november, i might put one together for december. it is my favorite time of year! so now, all i want to do is scrapbook.

and finally these beauties.
i am learning how to knit so i can make them for myself. my wonderful mother is making me a brown pair, while i work on the gray.

i have a fantastic weekend ahead!
* rebecca & bonnie are coming to visit *
* dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant el puerto tonight *
* chili bowl...i must go start my chili so it is perfect...i'll post the recipe after the event *
* 24 feet on sunday *

happy friday everyone!

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