Friday, November 20, 2009


hello everyone.

i'm coming to you from the balcony of the omni hotel. it overlooks the cnn center. hold on, i gotta grab a picture and show you this.

it just makes me giddy really. i think the only time i will get such lush treatment is at the youth workers conventions. yes, that's why i am in atlanta. i'm at the national youth workers convention and day one has been nothing short of amazing, inspiring, refreshing, challenging, and totally God moving.

To sum up my day in short, today was a day of questions. Tough questions, with answers that aren't going to be found immediately. Answers that aren't always easy to give honestly. But answers that will be worth it in the end. I wanted to post some of these questions for you all and ask that you pray for me as I wrestle with some of these issues, trying to find out what the Creator of this magnificent universe has written in His plans for me.

What holds me back from completely letting go and worshiping God?

Is my fear of failure holding me back from taking steps of faith in my youth ministry and life?

If someone interviewed my youth kids, what are the 1st words they would use to describe me?

If God was interviewed about me, what would be His words about me be, and would they match up with what my youth kids are saying?

If you abide in Jesus, there will be fruit (John 15). Do I really believe that?

Is your prayer life better this year than it was last?

Do you know more about God's word now, than you did a year ago?

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