Monday, December 21, 2009

take a journey with us.

this past weekend, our church did something that brings me great joy. why? for one, i feel like amongst all of the craziness that we have at christmas time, it brings a bit of peace and focuses everyone who participates on the real reason we celebrate this holiday called CHRISTmas. it is an event that anyone in the church can get involved with, whether that means creating costumes, building sets, collecting goods at garage sales throughout the years, peddling their wares, or being a part of the cast. and finally, it gives back to our local community. admission is $1 or a canned good which goes to our local food pantry.

travelers arrive, take the census, and then begin a journey throughout the church (which really doesn't look much like a church after we're done with it). along the way they meet up with robbers, an upset king herod, stressed out guards, busy merchants in the market place, and disgruntled innkeepers, but the final scene encompasses nothing but beauty, peace, stillness, and that warm feeling of love. as you kneel at the manger of Jesus.

check out the cast of journey below

and check out more pics of the event here

and here's some amazing news. our final numbers
549 travelers
over $500 collected for the lighthouse
and almost 200 canned goods for the lighthouse
praise God for another great journey!

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