Friday, March 26, 2010

friday nights :)

friday evenings are my favorite part of the week. and i have a lot to look forward to this weekend.

i just finished aunt carolyn's salsa for tonight's poker party. (i realize that i blog a lot of food on here, sometimes i wonder if this should be a food blog). i'm not sure if the recipe is a sort of secret or not, but if its not...and you want it...let me know. absolutely incredible.

then these two lovely people are coming to clay for a visit (still haven't posted those wedding pics i promised have i...maybe this weekend).

tonight i'm going to stardusters with some great friends. stardusters is our high school bands best of the best. i hear they are playing selections from michael jackson tonight. you know i can't wait for that action! my favorite part of stardusters? they always open and close the program with the song of my favorites!

and just for fun tonight, i'm trying something crazy with my hair. don't worry, this isn't the finished product, just the stage it is in right now. i figure if it ends up looking poopy, i can always just go with my normal wash & wear hair.

tomorrow i'll be watching my alma mater, the kansas state wildcats compete to be in the final four. this is the most excited i think i have ever been about college basketball! GO STATE!

and finally, on sunday we have 24 feet at 5:30pm at the church. more>

happy weekend everyone!

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