Thursday, March 4, 2010

when one is inspired...get to it.

tonight the inspiration bug has hit. coming to you super late for me (wow that just reminded me to shut off my alarm clock), but i've always been told that if you get inspired you should get to it, so that's what i did tonight.

i've been working on a couple different projects this week, and i'd like to share some sneak peaks. first off, a 2010 photo journal. i spent some time with an online tutorial taught by one of my favorite bloggers Leigh-Ann. this journal will be used throughout the year to hold extra special pictures in the pockets. my colors were inspired by the tabs that i had bought years ago, 2 urban outfitters bags that i knew would find their perfect place in my life someday, and the hambly layover cover.

my second dose of inspiration came from my favorite art journaling blogger Vivian. She is currently teaching a class called "quiet nights." when i finally got around to registering for the class, i found that it was sold out...such a sad day. so i've been following other people's posts on their flickr group, and decided that i would try my hand at this on my own, without instruction. i hope this doesn't make the polka dot robot gang upset. i truly love the idea. thanks for the inspiration!

title page

day 1: escape

day 2: bliss

thanks for reading.

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