Saturday, August 28, 2010

the latest

my art journal class is coming along. wanted to share a few new pages with you tonight:

surround myself with things i love,

don't be afraid of color,

lots of flowers and space for gardening,

a loft that overlooks the city,

a place with lots of character,

tall ceilings, hardwood floors, large shower,

dishwasher please!,

lots of windows with planter boxes

great kitchen to cook in, but a coffeehouse within walking distance.

packing lists for purdue

mission trips

party planning with friends

to do lists

desiring to grow closer to Jesus

boyfriend --> future hubby?

eating healthy

the leaves will start changing

cool nights will bring out cardigans & scarves

starbucks will be serving pumpkin spice lattes

we'll be picking out our pumpkins

a moon rise is more magical
than the sun's dawning
for the stars come out to dance
as the crickets sing them
a gentle melody
and i walt through
the mystic cool air
much obliged
to be a part of their

hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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