Friday, December 10, 2010

christmas mail

yesterday i received my first two christmas cards in the mail from my brother and his wife and from my church family.  i get great joy out of going to my mailbox each day and opening it to see what treasures it might hold for me, but even more i enjoy sending treasures to my friends and family across the nation.  so of course, christmas cards are one of my favorite parts of the christmas season!  i want to share with you some of the great photo cards i discovered today at  On Shutterfly you can personalize your Christmas cards by using your own pictures and then add them to the wonderful photo templates they have available online.

they have something for everyone, from single photo cards to multiple photo cards, (you know, to make each member of your family a star).

since this is my first christmas engaged, i am so excited to send out pictures of my fiance and i to all of our friends and family.  our picture is a little goofy, really fun, and i can't post it on here yet.  (i want it to be a mailbox surprise) but i thought i would share some of the templates i am thinking about using to make our christmas card.

i absolutely love the color story used on this christmas card. 

i think the plaid and the words "merry merry" would be the perfect compliment to our fun christmas picture!

and if you've been to my house and seen my brightly colored decorating, you'll understand why this card is one of my favorites.

Some other really neat things you can do on their website are create your own personalized holiday gifts tags.  Here are a few of my favorites!

i have this thing with reindeer this year, so this one is perfect.

i'm so in love with the colors and patterns on this gift tag.  It will look super cute on my simple brown wrapping paper.

And you can design your own photo books, which will make holiday scrapbooking simple, clean, and easy!  I love how you can make mini book like 5x7 or a standard 12x12 scrapbooking size.  

Pictures are my favorite way to keep memories fresh, and is a great resource to held you.  Check out their website today!

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  1. I ALMOST had that last one ordered for us. I had it in shutterfly's checkout basket, then I changed my mind and decided to have chad design one. Hopefully you got it today!!