Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a darling exploration

Dane and I spent Tuesday exploring the city of Sydney.  The city is really quite huge so we stuck to an area known as Darling Harbor.  We learned quite quickly that this is the wealthy part of the city with shops like Versace.  I considered going in just to touch the clothes, but the two people working there were basically guarding the door and glared at me.  Probably my odor from the hot Sydney sun.  Check out the pictures and enjoy the adventure with us!

 sydney town hall

outside china town 

our lunch.  AUTHENTIC Japanese 

Our roommate Melissa.  From Australia. 

Soon-Lee and Melissa.   

 Dane and I outside the rain wall.

 A kiddo's paradise!

 we love you Kansas!  Apparently Australia does too!
 Darling Harbor
 Dear Schwarm family, this picture is for you!
 Cotton Candy = Fairy Floss
 The delicious hazelnut danish ice cream.

 Dear Papa Wutke and Papa Beb.  This pic is for you.

 Ceiling in the pricey mall

For those of you who have committed to praying for us.  We are still in need of a fridge.  I cannot WAIT to put a message up on facebook that says "WE HAVE A FRIDGE."  Also starting the process of looking for bikes.  Dane and I have a 30 minute walk to campus and a bike would be nice.  We are in the process of polishing our resumes, so please keep that in your prayers as well.  We love you all!

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