Sunday, January 8, 2012

a new adventure begins.

today, dane & i began a new adventure.  an adventure that will truly be heart changing.  dane and i are moving to sydney, australia so dane can begin attending hillsong international leadership college.  we have been preparing for this trip for over and year, and honestly, january eighth, i must be honest, is a date i have been dreading.  saying goodbye to those we love was something i didn't know if i could emotionally handle, but we all survived.  God gave us strength, courage, and for me peace over the situation.  tonight, i write to you from california in the home of the sweetest couple,  kirk and maribeth smith.  dane and i will actually fly out for sydney on january tenth, so please keep that date in your prayers, but i wanted to share with you all a few pictures from our day.  we hope that you will take this journey with us via our blog.  please check back often for more updates from the kids down under.
 this is it.  the items within these bags contain the "stuff" we need to live for the next two years.  it has helped me to realize that life is SO much more than the items you own.
 our frontier animal was jake the white tailed deer.  eric & brock, i couldn't help but smile and think of you both when i saw this.
 kansas's own version of the sydney opera house...wink...wink.

 our flight had cable tv.  ok, i was a little too giddy over this, but i got to watch lampoon christmas vacation. 
 first stop in cali.

 dane & i went for a hike through the red wood forest this evening.

many people have told me, "you are quite brave to be doing this."  honestly, i don't feel brave at all, but i cling to the fact that i know God is giving us the courage & strength to begin this journey.  

love, christy

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