Tuesday, January 24, 2012


After taking a leap of faith, sometimes, that's what you need.  This past weekend at frontline conference Dane and I were reminded over and over and over by God, this is where I want you to be.  

Frontline is the group of young adults ages 25-35 who attend Hillsong Church.  Throughout the year we will do life together, dinner, Bible studies, worship, laugh, learn, cry, pray.  Dane and I were so thankful that God brought us here a week before school started because it gave us the opportunity to attend Frontline's biggest conference of the year, Renaissance.  

The speaker, Judah Smith, just brought the Word, time and time again.  I would love to share all of my notes with you, but it is simply too much, and my mind was just blown out of the water with how God was moving and working.  If you want to know more, Message me!

So I'm going to share a few pictures from the conference.  

These are some of our new friends.  Jacob from Cali, David from OKC, and Sarah-Anne (housemate and friend).

At the conference, they had the cutest vignettes set up all over.  Of course I was obsessed with these, and took lots of pictures.  Maybe they will inspire you a bit.

All of us conference pals hanging out.  David, Dane, Alex & Jess (they belong together), Sarah-Anne, Jacob, and John.

Dane and David are like best buds.  Its so great!

Nobody is surprised by this are they?

Mevan with his professional pool skills.

The biggest jar of nutella ever.

Check out that meringue!

So there are these amazing cookies here called Tim Tams.  Gloria Jeans has taken these delectable cookies and put them in iced coffee drinks.  Jacob and I enjoyed these drinks greately.  Jacob has such a sweet tooth, and this is him being FULLY American.

Our buddy Alex got a long board to get back and forth to school.


Love you all!  xoxo the kids down under

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