Sunday, January 15, 2012

welcome to church.

Hillsong Church: “A place where anything can happen and it probably will.”  This weekend Dane & I attended our first two Hillsong services.   I was overcome with emotion during Sunday morning service. I think it finally hit me, we were in Sydney, this was church.  Surrounding me were people from different backgrounds, countries, economic statuses and yet our hearts were all joined together in one purpose, to worship our King. 

Just wanted to give you a glimpse…really just a GLIMPSE of my sermon notes:  If not interested, you can skip down past the arrows to enjoy some pictures from the church.


Sunday AM Service: The Journey of 2012- based of Numbers chapter 13
- As you begin this year, know that God has something in stores specifically for you.
- Mathematical Equation for 2012: God + you = enough
- Stop focusing on the giants that face you this year and realize God is with us.
- Know that God can help you overcome every obstacle that comes along
- Take the journey with a new Spirit- sweet, clean and wholeheartedly
- Travel at God’s speed, not your own
- Your destination is not always what everyone else’s is
- Never stop pursuing what God has for you.  Taste & see that the Lord is good.

Sunday PM Service: God’s Favor
“ You water ridges abundantly, You settle its furrows, You make it soft with showers, You make it grow.”- Psalm 65:10

In 2012 God wants to abundantly water our hearts that may be dry and needing refreshment.
In 2012 God wants to settle the things that furrow our brows.  He wants us to live in peace.
In 2012 God wants to soften our hearts with His showers.
In 2012 God wants to make us grow

Know that the way our Father sees us, is that He wants to bless us, He loves to show us His favor.

Truly understanding favor is not an inward view, but an outward view.  When we are blessed we in return will desire to bless others. 


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