Friday, February 10, 2012

how does your garden grow

One just can't deny the cool green grass of the Botanical Gardens on a warm Sydney grass.  The Botanical Gardens of Sydney, are absolutely breathtaking.  And the best part, they are free.  Some of my favorite parts were the water gardens and different animals we saw along the way.  A bit of warning:  This post does have a spider picture.  I only tell you this because I would want you to warn me about a snake picture.  It is all because I love you!

Flying foxes make their home in the botanical gardens.  More commonly known as "fruit bats."  These animals were in the thousands, hanging from the tops of trees.  Most of them had their wings closed, but I happened to catch this moment, and was estatic!

This is one of the oldest bridges in Australia.  It was built by prisoners so the royal families could travel from their homes to the water near by.

I must say thanks to my house mate Mel for snaggin some of these photo moments for me.  Any pictures that have a date on them belong to her!  Also, if you haven't met David before, here's your chance.  He is a great friend of ours and my boss at Waroeng coffee.

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