Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi everyone!  Welcome to a new feature on our blog called snapshots.  So often I try and share the more"exotic" things that go on in Dane and my life, but thought it would be fun to let you see a glimpse into our everyday lives.  enjoy!

our clothes drier

a new addiction

we are so happy to have a fridge.  but 5 people means a WHOLE lot of of food

this happens in every home right?

how dane will approach life for a while :)

my FAVORITE store in australia.  for you office supply addicts, this place would be dangerous for you as well.

some of the cuteness at typo

dane's new addiction.

dane fixing our tv.  in aussie, you get tv channel for free via an antenna.  a person in the church blessed us with a booster, so dane and i, who haven't had tv for over years, now have free tv, including some shows from the states.

thanks for stopping by and view.  we love you all.  xoxo the kids down under

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