Thursday, March 1, 2012

just a quick update

Dane and my lives have been a testament to the statement above.  We have seen this in even bigger ways since we moved to Sydney.  God has provided us with furniture, bikes, food, a fridge, a job, friends, a wonderful church, energy, refreshment, healing, a washer AND drier (that happened this past week), car rides, protection from storms, safety.  Seriously, the list could go on and on.  We are so thankful that many of you have become prayer partners with us.  

And the number one question we are asked by many of you is, what can we pray for now?  It is so awesome to know we have a team of people back at home and here in Australia praying for us, truly believing that God will be faithful in hearing our prayers and answering them. It is such a joy to share answered prayer with you all.  

So if you would like to join us in prayer this week, here are some things you can pray for.

Dane tore some things up in his left ankle playing basketball on Thursday.  As of this morning it was very swollen.  He is keeping ice on it, elevating it, and resting it.  We are praying for healing.  And that God would provide modes of transportation during this healing process.  

We are praying diligently for the place I work, Waroeng's.  It is such a wonderful coffee shop which is very new in the area.  We pray that, as Monte puts it, we will soon become slammed with customers.  Many of you who follow me on twitter know that last weekend I completed coffee school and I'm excited to say, I even make beverages for customers now.  Tomorrow is our first live music saturday, and we are praying that people come out in throngs to enjoy the atmosphere, fellowship, coffee, and music.

Please keep our house mate Sarah-Anne's aunt in your prayers.  She has cancer and the prognosis hasn't been great.  We know God's hand is at wok and we are praying for miracles.

Dane is faithfully searching for an amp here in Australia for his guitar.  This is so he can practice the songs he needs to for class each week.  We are so thankful for a generous donation so monetarily this is possible, but it seems like every one he checks out gets sold before we have the chance to make the offer.  Please pray that the perfect amp falls right into his lap!  Ok not literally, because then we would be dealing with a much bigger issue than a tore up ankle.

And finally, we ask for prayers of wisdom.  Dane and I have a couple big decisions coming up that we'll keep you posted on in the future.  But right now, wisdom is what we ask for.

We love you all!  And know that we miss you lots!  Hugs all around!

Love, the kids down under


  1. such a nice post!! hope your prayers come true, good luck =)

  2. Long black, short black, and what are they w/cream or milk? I can't believe that I have forgotten that already.