Wednesday, May 23, 2012

adventures in the outback

Dane and I made this little video for our friend Caley's classroom.  We thought we would share it with you all for some good laughs.

And some of the kiddos first responses:

* His beard is awesome!!!

* My sister's name is Brooke!

* I couldn't go up in that thing that spins because I would throw up!

* I couldn't because I'm afraid of heights!

* Is that your husband? How did you meet them if they live in Australia?

* Hey, that's my question!

Thanks for watching. What was your first response?

Love and hugs from the kids down under.


  1. I have 2 responses.

    1. There's a POOP button on your toilet :)
    and 2. I was smiling that entire video. It is good to see your faces and hear your voices. Miss you both!


  2. oh my goodness! i never thought of calling it the poop button!!!!! how did i, of all people, miss that. thank you chelsie, forever i will now use the phrase "poop button."

  3. chelsie & jason!!! we love you! and we miss you both terribly! i hope your lives are being blessed and God is totally rocking things your way! oh we miss you so much! can we Skype date soon? yes? also. side note. quid pro quo. you need to download and get the app "voxer". it is a free walkie talkie app that lets us talk back and forth. fun! we love you!

    much love