Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Plank May

Welcome to Plank May; a sick challenge my housemate Sarah Anne came up with, but to be honest with you, I love a good challenge.  The goal is for the folks of 6 Kidman to work their way up to a five minute plank by May 31st.  We would love for you all to join us in the challenge so I'm including a workout schedule for you all if you want to jump on board with us.

Week One
May 1-2: 20 seconds  (apparently that's a birthday present to me) May 3-5:  30 second
May 6: rest (bless you trainer)

Week Two
May 7-8: 45 second planks   May 9-11 1 minute planks   May 12: 1.5 minute planks
May 13: rest (Happy Mother's Day!)

Week Three
May 14: 1.5 minute planks  May 15-18:  2 minute planks  May 19: 3 minute planks
May 20: rest  (sundays!!!)

Week Four
May 21-22:  3 minute planks   May 23-24:  3.5 minute planks   May 25-26:  4 minute planks
May 27: rest (i'm going to be needing this!!!)

Week Five
May 28-29: 4.5 minute planks  May 30-31: 5 MINUTE PLANK!!!!!

So if you want to join us in the challenge, please leave a comment and let us know.  We would love to have you as a part of 6 Kidman!

If you would like directions on how to do a proper plank you can check out this video.  Sarah Anne (my housemate and trainer) makes me do them on my elbows because apparently I cheat when I do them straight armed.  Locking your elbows straight is NOT a proper plank pose.


  1. How many planks does one do per day?


  2. just one! you've got 20 seconds right?
    to keep my mind distracted i plan on watching tv during my 5 minute planks at the end of the month :)
    30 seconds for me today!