Tuesday, July 17, 2012

my first kangaroo and other exciting moments in life.

It has finally happened, Dane and I have finally seen our very first kangaroos of our entire lives, but more on that later.  Dane and I decided to enjoy our days off by taking a trip to Taronga Zoo.

We enjoyed our ferry ride to Taronga.  I do love ferry rides!

Eric, this deer made me think of you!

Our first exhibit was truly Aussie.  Koalas!  Koalas seem to be drunk all of the time, but really their bodies are working hard to digest the gum leaves that they eat.  Digestion of gum leaves is hard work, so it makes them very sleepy, not drunk :)

This guy is scratching his behind with his ginormous claws.  Just made me smile.

Of course I stayed away from this part, and went on to see the next set of amazing creatures!

These birds were eating the giraffe poop!  Once again, a moment I couldn't help but smile!

Dane was having a stare down with this kitty.

I was laughing all day, because we enjoyed "humanizing" the animals.  We would make voices and tell stories about what they were thinking, doing, saying.  I really like that Dane and I both find joy in this.

Ummm...this is just a bit of camera envy :)  For you Logan.

Had to be the oldest animals at the zoo.  Pretty cool if you ask me!

Here it is folks, the Tazmanian Devil.  It looks nothing like you expected huh?


We were pretty excited about that. We even walked around in the cage with them.

And we walked in a cage with this guy, but it scared me because emus at the Clay Center zoo are quite vicious creatures.

And then we got to what I believe was both Dane and my favorite part of the day.  The chimps.

And then, this happened!

Our day ended at the zoo with a skyline trip through the trees.  This part is free with your zoo admission ticket.  A really fun mode of transportation!

We hope you have enjoyed our day at Taronga Zoo.  Such a wonderful day of fun memories made!

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  1. Lovin' that lens, and all your pictures! Keep it up, blondie!