Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Welcome to a new little feature on my blog titled "adventures in."  A chance for me to try new things and share the experience with those of you in the blog world.  Several years ago, my friend Brady first took me on a sushi adventure.  We traveled to the Sushi House in Kansas City, where we dined on rolls and sashimi.  Since then, my sushi tastes have changed a bit, but I have always wanted to learn how to make this delicious dish at home.

Tonight was my first adventure, alone, without my friend Yuriko from Japan doing all of the rolling for me.  Some lessons I learned:

* Buy sushi rice.  Don't try and make sushi with the long grain rice you have in the pantry, go out and spend a bit extra for some sushi rice.  It is worth it.  Follow the directions on the package exactly.

* A little bit of rice goes a long long way.  It is really important not to over stuff the rolls.  This is one of the biggest problems people have when making sushi.  Spread the rice thin on the nori, put a row of each filling you are adding, then roll.  I had to giggle because I made heaps of rice and didn't want to overstuff the rolls so Dane and I had 64 pieces of sushi to eat.  Yeah, we didn't conquer it all, but almost.

* After rolling your rolls let them sit a bit before slicing.

* Sticky rice is sticky.  Use wet hands, a wet spoon, and a wet knife when working with the rolls.

* Don't be afraid to mess up.  Do your best and have fun.

Dane and I stuck with vegetable sushi tonight.  Sweet potato rolls, cucumber cream cheese avocado rolls, and avocado rolls.

We were pretty excited with how it all turned out.  The flavors were super yummy.  We are excited to try new flavor combinations next time we go on a sushi making adventure.

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