Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Change Is A Comin'

Hello Everyone!  Some exciting news to share.  Stop, no we are NOT pregnant.  Don't you think we'd come up with a much more creative way to share that news?  

Our time here at life's lovlies is coming to a close.  No, I'm not going to end blogging, but I have found that this blog has taken a much different turn from what its original plan was.  When the blog began, Dane and I were in our early dating days, the word Australia wasn't on either of our minds, and I had really short really blonde hair.  

We have had some good days over here at lifeslovlies.  We have opened a church coffeehouse, gotten engaged, began a new hobby of art journaling, watched my brother Eric get married, learned how to make guacamole (a staple in my life now), set goals, achieved goals, created cute projects, decorated houses, went window shopping,  purchased a new camera, gotten married, built a ridiculously large owl collection, literally had our world flipped upside down, the list could go on and on.  

Thank you so so much to every one of you who reads lifeslovlies.  It means the world to us that you would want to keep up with our lives on a regular basis.  Lifeslovlies will remain up and available for you to still read and enjoy. 

But life has changed, and with it, a new blog has been born.  It is hoping to be birthed into this blogging world sometime next week, and don't worry, we will give you all the juicy details when the time is right.  Some exciting posts are on the horizon, including the celebration of our one year anniversary (I am promising wedding pictures), glimpses into our home, some delicious recipes including my mom's amazing peanut butter bars, and an exciting announcement love Dane and I.  

So sit tight, we'll be back soon!  

Love the kids down under

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