Wednesday, October 14, 2009

rainy days are perfect for coffeehouses and setting goals

check out my new toy!

tonight is night 2 of the coffeehouse being open. right now i'm putting the finishing touches on my giant pumpkin spice muffins. i've always wanted to make large muffins, and yesterday i found the perfect pan and cupcake liners to do it! yay!

yesterday i had a few extra minutes to spare and so i went thrift store shopping and came home with these treasures

my owl collection is getting a little out of control. someday i'm going to get them all together as one little happy owl family and take their family portraits. yeah. you should stay tuned for that.

tomorrow is my day off, so i think now would be a good time to make a list of goals for the day.

1. early morning yoga

2. finish the friendship 2 more monochromatic friendship bracelets

3. check out the lighthouse for any good finds. (is it not obvious that thrift store shopping is my get away?) [source]

4. find some photo inspiration for a photo shoot i'm going to do for this family! love you guys!

5. begin the california scrapbook

6. watch the tigers cross country team run.

See everyone tonight!

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