Sunday, October 25, 2009

reduce. reuse. recycle. REPURPOSE.

this weekend i had a little repurpose project i worked on. each week the kids in my youth group have journal entries they are supposed to do in order to help them see their faith journey come to life. each week that they bring their journals back and they are complete, the youth get a simple prize.

this week, i decided to give them buttons, to put on their book bags, purses, bulletin boards or whatever. I found that a lot of my buttons were kind of lame, so i decided to repurpose them and make them cool again. i thought this might be a fun project for you to try as know...release your creativity a little bit.

find some old buttons that you don't want. pick these up at the state fair, from political candidates tables, whatever the case may be, they are out there, and they are free!

spray paint your buttons with those little dabs of leftover spray paint that you have lying around. (spray paint is one of my favorite tools, and i'm always finding myself with not enough paint to finish a job. this is the perfect way to use that up!)

then use paint or sharpie markers to draw your designs on. (my favorite one is the mustache and i'm secretly hoping nobody claims it, so it can find a home on my backpack).

after adding your design spray on a coat of clear acrylic spray to set the design.

speaking of mustaches, this is one of my favorites. you can get your own here.

happy weekend everyone.

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