Monday, October 26, 2009

*snapshots of my weekend*

happy monday. here to share some random moments of my weekend with you. enjoy!


my favorite image in the magazine.

i made these little list keepers as a quick project. i also made a set for my mom. she is going to have family member take a page and write down our wishes. inspiration came from here.

hours of my favorite board game ever...the farming game.

i'm in the mood for chocolate anything!

served up hot out of our church's coffeehouse, the chocolate mocha.

autumn drive.


i have a lot to look forward to this week. a few of my goals:
* clean my house. my dear friend rebecca and her cat will-da-bee are coming to visit!*
* create a costume for my youth group costume party...inspiration?*
* make caramel apples for wednesday nights coffeehouse.*
*carve pumpkin.*
*celebrate dad's birthday on thursday!*
*pack for tulsa & david crowder concert*


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