Thursday, April 8, 2010

day without shoes

whether you want to admit it or not, our country has an obsession with shoes, especially us women. i love shoes. i have flip flops, ballet flats, pointy toes, dress shoes to wear with black, dress shoes to wear with brown, dancing shoes, running shoes, sporty looking shoes, chucks, dress boots, snow boots, brown healed boots, non healed boots, high heals, flats, moccasins, and strappy shoes. But there are two pairs of shoes that i own that are probably the most important and most valuable pair of shoes i will ever own. my toms.

for those of you not familiar with toms, let me introduce you. their motto is simply this. one for one. meaning, you buy one pair of their shoes, they will give one pair to a kid somewhere in the world who doesn't own a pair of shoes.

today, toms encouraged its customers, fans, and supporters to spend an entire day without shoes, in order to let people know, that 40% of the world doesn't have shoes. now many of you might think that shoes aren't a real necessity, you love to be barefoot right? i'm right there with you. but believe me, after spending one day without shoes i have a whole different mindset to how blessed i am to simply own one pair of shoes.

so i wanted to share with you, my day without shoes.

good morning happy feet.



at the tennis match

a fellow no shoe wearer...who had a no shoe injury...stepped in some stickers....ouch!

today was the most gorgeous spring day yet, so i couldn't resist a trip to the zoo. i found that you watch where you walk a whole lot more barefoot, and so i saw some things that i would have missed before, like these acorns!

i also found out that concrete is NOT a fun place to walk. i believe that's why God created His own version of carpet to be walked on...grass! while walking through the grass at the zoo i found this egg. i didn't touch it, i feared it was a snake egg or something. i did stop long enough to take this picture :)

a little rest

my feet after playing in the park.

bath time!

thrift store finds

walking on sunshine!

a visit to my parents

these are my feet after a day with no shoes. and if you think about it, this is nothing. kids all over the world walk extremely long distances without shoes each day just to get clean drinking water. i am truly blessed, because after a long day of no shoes, i get to do this...

did you know...

so you want to make a difference?

one of the best ways to do so is buy a pair of toms! they have all different types of styles and sizes, and are seriously my favorite pair of shoes that i own.

to buy toms check out their website.

also check out their website to watch shoe drops, buy t-shirts, and learn how toms is helping make a difference in this world.

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