Wednesday, April 7, 2010

easter treat

lots of good little treats filled my life this past weekend. i am here to share a few with you. (especially you logan...who has been begging me for a post).


easter egg art

dane expressing why he isn't always a fan of egg coloring and brock expressing his

our favorites

brock told us what future easter's for his children will look like. you see, brock won't simply hide eggs for his kids, he will own a bunny costume with a giant bunny head and creepy eyes, and will hop around with a basket. when he jumps, where the eggs fall out, that is where they will be hidden.

if you dyed eggs, i would love to see pictures! and if you have lots of hard boiled eggs to eat thanks to easter, try my new favorite egg sandwich, found in real simple, with a few changes to make it my own.

2 slices whole wheat bread toasted
1 hard boiled egg sliced
1 leaf of romaine lettuce
dressing: 1 T mayo + 1 T dijion mustard + 1 T chopped fresh parsley

shot this front yard out of my car window...wowsers. the easter bunny unloaded here!

one of my favorite signs of spring

look what the easter bunny left in my basket...TOMS! if you don't know much about TOMS, here's the important thing you do need to know. for every pair you buy, TOMS gives a pair to a child who has no shoes. want your own pair? more>

after sunrise service and church, which were both glorious celebrations of Christ's resurrection, I spent the afternoon with my family. ashlyn hunted easter eggs.

we sorted through old family photos and told stories

and just relaxed (basically spent every moment we could outside!)

and a final little fun fact about my life right now. i signed up this weekend to take this art journal class taught by two of my favorite bloggers and crafters elsie & rachel. someday, i hope i get to tell them how much their work inspires me. i've done a bit of art journaling in the past, but this will be my first official class. i'm pretty excited. want to take it with me? more>

thanks for reading!

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