Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 via my cellphone

i spent last night flipping through the pictures on my cellphone of the past year, and couldn't help but laugh as i recalled some of the wonderful memories from the year.  there were 120 pictures on my cellphone, but i thought i would share some of my favorites.  

the cutest cupcakes i have ever made. 

and the cutest hat i've ever worn.  do you see a pattern in my 2010?

a pleasant surprise i saw walking down the streets of my home town.

coffeehouse birthday parties!

the birth of kenzie

the rebirth of the gto

thrift store finds.

first signs of spring.


world, meet dixie.

the storm rolling in.

a magical place

cross this off my list of things to do before i die.

an amazing zoo exhibit in st. louis.

summer night swims.

can i keep him?

beauty at kaufman stadium

happy road trip moment

my summer was full of a lack of sleep.

church league softball


chicago changed my life.

one of the most gorgeous sunsets of the year.

for my love. 

a peek at my journal (which i don't share with the world)


morning autumn drive

another gorgeous autumn sunset.

vintage dresses on the day i got engaged!

red velvet thrift store.

happy thanksgiving!

i have a thing about taking pictures in people's bathroom's mirrors.

christmas cookies!

enjoy your new years eve celebrations!  see you in 2011!

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