Saturday, January 1, 2011

accomplish this

thought i would start 2011 sharing with you all a few things i hope to accomplish in the upcoming year.

1. learn to embroider.

 i love embroidery on tea towels, wall hangings, and pillowcases.  i hope in 2011 i can accomplish this and maybe share my talents with you all as well.

here's one of my favorite embroidery patterns i've seen and i hope to make my own soon thanks to this pattern.

2. grow my hair out extra long

i long to be able to do messy buns, cute braids and more.

3. memorize 24 new Bible verses.

i found in 2010 that God's word sustained and spoke to me in ways that it never has before.  i would find great comfort and clarity as i would cling to God's word.

after doing the amazing beth moore bible study, esther, in 2010, i'm excited to join her community in memorizing bible verses for 2011.  i would love to invite you to join in.  check it out here.

4. journal daily

in 2010 i discovered art journaling.  i've done hand written journals all throughout my life, but art journaling encourages the creative process, with sketches, clippings from magazines, and basically anything that inspires.  elsie is responsible for introducing me to this fun project, and i have had so much fun flipping through the journals i've created in 2010.  if you would like official lessons in art journaling, check out elsie's online class

5. teach a crafting class

i would love to find a group of people who want to get together and create, and would love to be the person who helps them do that.  i'm hoping in 2011 i will have the opportunity to put my college degree to work for me and lead others in a creative class.

6. take more pictures

photography is one of my favorite hobbies, and i might not have the world's greatest camera but i have this secret wish (ok, i guess its not so secret anymore) to take care of that.  until then, my camera will do. i will continue with my picture of day, but want to take more pictures that aren't so "to the point," and allow people to associate their own stories with the pictures.

oh my... dream camera

7.  keep rollin' on my workout program.

i've been working super hard since october and seeing results, thanks to turbofire.  i want to continue working out, and work on eating better.  i hope to cook delicious home cooked meals with lots of yummy fresh veges, fruits, and lean proteins.

8. plan a beautiful, special and memorable outdoor wedding

this one is number 8 because i'm getting married october 8th, to my best friend dane.  we are getting married in the lot next to my parents, which will forever be known as "opossum lodge."  i hope the evening to be magical and super happy.  

9. resurrect an old record album

growing up i spent hours listening to my parent's beach boys albums.  i would love to score an old record player and pick up some vinyls from my generation.

10. blog more often.

i hope to visit with you all at least once a week in 2011 if not every single day.  my blog is a great creative outlet, and i look forward to sharing my creative projects as well as wedding plans and thoughts place on my heart with you all.  happy 2011 everyone.  ♥ christy

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