Wednesday, February 2, 2011

february calendars

day two of a new month.  i have this weird obsession over calendars and thought i would share some of my favorite sites to obtain them from.  check them out and pick one for your own computer :)

this one is from christiane engel.  while you're visiting her site, check out some of her artwork.  her aesthetic is so fun!

the calendar of the month club always has a cheery spin on the month.  these 3-D calendars are meant to be printed off and built; keeping you happy throughout the entire month.

a wonderful desktop calendar from shanna murray.  just a warning, you are going to be craving blueberry donuts ALL month long if you throw this one up on your desktop.

the desktop calendar from free people is the one that adorns my desktop almost every single month.  i love how they combine creative elements to make a cohesive artwork.

and finally, this is the calendar i printed off to hang on my studio's wall.  thanks to the always inspirational creature comforts blog!

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