Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sri Lanka

You have all had the chance to meet our other two housemates on the blog, Sarah-Anne and Mel.  I thought this would be the perfect chance to introduce you to Van, our housemate from Sri Lanka.  

We came home from church Sunday night and Van had cooked us an amazing Sri Lankan dinner.  I had never ate Sri Lankan before, but I think I'll be making a habit of it.  Wow.  So delicious.  


sri lankan roast beef
egg plant curry
cucumber salad

Just an update on what has been happening with Dane & I.  Dane started classes yesterday (that's Tuesday for us, Monday for you in the states).  I had the opportunity to attend chapel with him yesterday, and just loved it.  I'm excited that chapel is a huge part of the Hillsong Leadership College experience.  I also attended a lecture on church and ministry.  During the time there we explored what it means to be the body of Christ, what makes church "church" and the Hillsong Mission Statement.

Yesterday I dropped a resume off at a local daycare/preschool and spoke with the director.  They run an all day daycare facility, an after school program, and in April, are opening a new organic preschool.  They are needing someone with a degree to teach in the new preschool and are going to discuss how they could make this work with my part-time visa.  I am going to put my resume in at other places just in case that falls through.

For those of you committing to pray for us.  Here are a few requests we have.  We are still needing a washing machine, although we have completed three loads of laundry with our hands and the sweat of our brow.  A humbling character builder if you ask me...wink wink.  

We are also praying diligently for bikes to help us with the journey from home to campus and future jobs.

Please keep the job search in your prayers.  I am asking for wisdom and guidance about the preschool job as well as other job opportunities.

And please keep our hearts in your prayers.  God has been doing some really big things in our lives and it is so exciting.  Sometimes it is so much we can't even digest it all, but it is so amazing to experience the overflow of His goodness and blessing.

Love you all!  - the kids down under

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