Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Recycled Bunting

Moving to Australia meant that only the necessities were coming with us, which meant, not a lot of cute stuff got to make the trip.  I knew, in order to make our house feel like our home, I would have to create on basically a $0 budget.  So throughout our time here, I hope to share DIY’s that are basically free but can make your space have that little extra. 

Today I created recycled bunting to hang in our bedroom above our bed.  Here are the items you will need.

Cereal box, Old Magazines or Ads, Scissors, Scotch Tape, String, a Ruler, and a pin.


First, cut out a pattern from the cereal box for your flags.  Mine measures 14 cm by 21 cm. 

Then find magazine pages that you love.  I used a information book that the Hillsong church publishes each season.  It had a perfect mix of colors, the paper was a little thicker, and it was free!  Trace your flag pattern on the pages.

Then cut the flags out of the pages.

Now, take scotch tape, and simply tape them onto the string.

Now you have a fun piece to hang up in your bedroom, living room or outside.  You could also paint letters over the magazine pages to make them say something fun.

I hope you enjoy creating something new for your space!  xoxo Christy

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  1. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for a great (and green) idea!