Friday, April 6, 2012


Today Dane had his first tutorial performance.  He has been working on songs for this since classes began.  It was fun to watch everyone perform and see the results of their hard work.  

Our friend Jonas sang one of our favorite Seabird songs.  It is crazy.  Dane and I saw Seabird in concert a couple years ago, and now, in class at Hillsong, they are learning their songs.  I loved it!  Dane played the lead guitar on this song and did a great job!

After the full band set, an acoustic set was held in the western foyer.  I just love acoustic music.  Dane is only studying electric while here at Hillsong, so he got to sit back and enjoy this with me!

And finally a big dance party erupted at the end when the whole tutorial jumped up to "Dancing in the Moonlight."

To the class: thanks for working so hard and putting on a great performance for us to enjoy.  Looking forward to your next set....16 Hillsong songs!


  1. So, I kind of feel silly for asking, but.... are the teachers at Hillsong the Hillsong band people?

  2. some are. One of Dane's instructors name is Katie and she was singing background vocals at Good Friday service. His guitar instructor, Daryl, has played on Sundays as well. But, the Big dogs, that record and play on the Hillsong Live DVD's and tours aren't constantly in class. They will come in for panels or as substitute teachers. Although now that I say all that, Aaron Puddle, a worship leader here at Hillsong is one of Dane's main teachers. Does that answer your questions at all? :)