Saturday, April 7, 2012

{colouring my world}

You want to paint my nails for me, give me a free neck massage, feed me delicious snacks, treat me like a princess, shower me with gifts, bring about change in the world, all why I fall more and more in love with Jesus? Yeah, that sounds like the perfect event for me.  

In March I had the opportunity to attend the Colour conference hosted by Hillsong church.  There are two Colour conferences held in Sydney each year.  One in the city, which I had the pleasure of attending, and one at the hills Hillsong campus, which I had the pleasure of volunteering at.  Here is just a glimpse into my time at the conference.  

I attended the conference with these lovely ladies.  Our husbands are all students at Hillsong college, so we must stick together.  

One of my favorite things about colour conference, is it is clearly for women.  They transform the entire venue to become super girly.  There were wonderful beautiful surprises around every corner.

Speakers at the event included Priscilla Shirer, Beth Moore (you all know my love for this lady), and Bobbie Houston.  I totally wish you all could have been there for each message.  It was so beautiful.  Really, I have no words for the ways God ministered to my heart through His word and these women.  I am hoping to find a way to throw my notes up here so you can read if you would like.  

Another really great part of the Colour conference is that they spend 2 sessions focusing on missions they support around the world including A21, Watoto, She Rescue, and so many more.  If one woman can bring change in the world, imagine what a whole company of women can do.

And of course the worship music that weekend was so good.  I enjoyed singing at the top of my lungs for Jesus along with the Hillsong worship team.  Here are pictures of one of my favorite worship leaders, Brooke Fraser.  (check out her adorable music video here).  And one of Dane's guitar crushes, Nigel.

Another beautiful part of sisterhood and the colour conference is the pampering.  They offer ladies the chance to get their finger nails painted, massages, hair curled, or even your make up done, for free.  The thought is all about allowing women to feel valued and loved through human touch. There really is such little human touch in the world today.  

Our great friend Matlida served as stage security, and she was also able to help us score second row seats.  We felt so blessed!  Isn't she lovely?

The conference also treats their women really well, with little treats and joys here an there.  I treasured the snack pack I received because I knew that Dane had spent the day before packing each and every one of them, totaling well over 10,000 snack bags.  Thanks honey.

 Each year, they give a gift to each of the delegates.  This year it was a beautiful prayer journal.  Inside contains stories of women from around the world, and the opportunity for you to pray for each of them and journal your prayers.  Such a special and powerful gift.  To know that a team of women, around the globe will be speaking life and truth into each specific situation.  I just love it!

I think the conference planners thought of everything, because I received this really sweet text message on my bus ride home.  

Ever since I first heard of Colour, I knew God wanted me there, and had something in store for me there.  The weekend was amazing.  I am so thankful to those of you who sponsored me to go.  It was a time for healing, refreshment, love, and overwhelming joy.  If you ever have a chance to go to a conference, take it!  I knew you won't regret it.  If for some awesome reason, you think you can make it to Colour 2013, you should register now and save yourself a few dollars.  I would love to sit next to you sister, and share this amazing experience with you.

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