Friday, April 13, 2012

[ ♥ letters ]

This past week Dane and I celebrated six months of being married.  These six months have held the biggest changes either of us have ever faced in our entire lives, but I am so so thankful that God brought Dane and I together.  I can't imagine a better partner to do life with.  Dane, I love you.  Happy six months baby!

We celebrated by going to see the movie Mirror, Mirror.  (such a cute flick).  Afterwards we went out to eat at a sit down restaurant.  A couple friends of ours graced us with a gift certificate to Griddle, and it was such a blessing.  We were able to enjoy appetizers, main course AND dessert.  Its been a LONG time since we've done that together!  To our dear friends, thank you so much for making our celebration special!

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