Monday, April 16, 2012


A lot has been going on in the life of the Wutke's lately.  Here's a bit of an update.

Lately we get super excited about mail from our friends and family back at home.  Those stamps that read USA are gold to us!  Dane and I discovered that we have received one letter every week since we have been here from the great USA, which truly has been a blessing.

Lately, we celebrated two of our new friends' birthdays, Mathilda and Mark.  As a result we got to play with sparklers at a surprise birthday party for Mark, and enjoy a spread of desserts at Mathilda's party.  

Lately, I had a stare down with a cockatoo on our balcony.  After almost one solid hour of us both constantly peaking over our shoulders, it flew away.  Therefore, I am saying, I won.

Lately, I have been volunteering at creative night at the church with scene set up.  Creative night is for anyone involved with the creative side of the church, be it music, design, production, really anything!  Each week they create a different scene for people to walk into and enjoy.  This is one of my favorite projects that we did last week.  Fill milk crates with jars of candles, and then stack them on top of each other.  You would think it would be too hot, but it isn't.  The holes in the milk crates allow just enough oxygen in to keep the candles burning and create enough distance from the next crate to keep the plastic from getting hot.

Lately, Dane and I really want a puppy.  We can't imagine having to say goodbye to our own puppy after two years (it would be way too hard to get it back into the USA) so we settle for visiting the pet stores on a regular basis and dreaming of the day when we will one day have one of our own.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of art journaling.  Often the floor and bed in our room look like this at the end of the day, and I love it!

Lately, the birds of this land are making me smile.  My housemate Mel found these two lovebirds sitting on our back porch, sheltering one another from the rain.  It made my day!

And for those of you who have committed to pray for us, here are a few specific requests.
1. Dane is walking, praise Jesus.  We truly believe it is a miracle, considering the doctor told us he would be on crutches for 2 to 3 months, and he was off them and walking in one.  He still has swelling and pain so please pray for continued recovery.
2. Dane is also looking for a job.  We are praying that he will find one that will work along with his school hours, and be something that he will enjoy.
3. God has been doing some pretty awesome works in our hearts while we have been here.  So lift up a shout of praise for us all!  Chains have been broken, lives have been healed!
4. Pray for God's provision.  Not only in Dane and my life, but many of the Hillsong students as well.  Life here isn't cheap (I should do a blog post of price comparisons for you all someday).  So we are praying for jobs for our friends, food for them to eat, and just generous people to come into their lives and bless the socks off of them.

Please know that we love you all dearly.  xoxo the kids down under

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