Monday, May 21, 2012


What do I want for my birthday?  For those of you who know me, know that thrift store shopping is a love of mine.  It is inspirational, fun, cheap, adventurous and exciting.  You never know what treasure or laughable item you might find!  And that is all I wanted for my birthday, to go thrift store shopping.  Dane planned a fun day of surprises for myself and a bunch of my friends, all revolving around Newtown.  

Newtown would best be described as the "hipster" part of Sydney.  Filled with second hand stores, antiques, wonderful cafes, and fun little shops.  I loved it!  I hope you enjoy this adventure through pictures.

After our adventures in Newtown we returned home to more confetti, a house full of friends, that this amazing owl cookie cake that Jessica made.  This girl is talented.  Love ya honey!

One more suprise wrapped up my thirtieth year celebration.  A box of goodies arrived from the great USA, love my family and friends.   Look at all the great loot they sent.

(An extra special thanks to Mike and Pam for sponsoring the postage on this box of goodness.  Please know, it is much appreciated.)

So that was 30.  It has been pretty grand so far.  Thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes in person, on facebook, cards, and phone calls.  It made the day so special.  Love you all.

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