Friday, May 25, 2012

✳ thankful ✳

Life in Australia isn't always easy.  Many people tell me all of the time, "you are living the dream," or "you are on the adventure of a lifetime."  But all of that doesn't come without sacrifice.  Often life gets hard, being away from friends, family, familiarity.  When I find myself struggling, I often make a list of things that I am thankful for and today I wanted to share my latest list with you.

* Arnott's Chocolate Mint Slice
* Dr. Pepper, and the nine cans I still have in my secret stash that I will happily enjoy.
* Skype, Voxer, TextPlus, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and the occasional overseas phone calls that keep me in contact with friends and family back at home.
* A husband who loves me, supports me, sacrifices for me, and doesn't get annoyed that I cuddle close to him to stay warm on cold Aussie nights.
* Chick Flicks
* Nights at home with nothing to do
* Provision
* Hillsong church
* My connect group
* Coffee
* Internet
* My new Aussie friends
* Bikes
* Uggs
* Mail
* Laughter
* Leaves changing colors
* Sweet moments with Jesus
* My camera
* Aussie TV started playing the most recent Survivor (shhhh don't tell me anything)
* Dane's parents arrive in eight short days
* Tickets to Hillsong Conference this July
* A new Killer's album coming out in 2012
* Late night cups of tea
* Hot showers
* Popcorn and friends who love popcorn
* Parklea Market
* Roses growing in our backyard
* Avocados
* Avocados that are on sale
* Bright fingernail polish colors
* Wonderful housemates
* Strawberry Zappos
* Warm fluffy slippers
* A working cellphone
* Instagram for droid
* Sleep in days

Friends, there is always something to be thankful for.  Go ahead, make your list.  Include anything that comes to mind, big or small.  Then, sit back and reflect on how full your life truly is.

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