Monday, June 18, 2012

Dave and Robin's Australian Adventure: Hit the Ground Running

It's so much fun watching someone discover something new.  I had the joy and the privilege of watching Dave & Robin (Dane's parents) discover Australia.  Never before have I lived in a unique place, so when people came to visit, the best thing I often had to offer them was a trip to the CC zoo and a route 44 ounce sonic drink.  But starting this year, that all changed.  Dane and I moved to a city that a lot of people in the United States have never visited, and so when guests come to see us, we have heaps of adventures to offer them.  A new continent, new foods, new driving experiences, and some might even say a new language.  For the next week, I'll be sharing photos of the time Dave and Robin spent here in Sydney, Australia.  As you watch them explore, you'll also see Dane and I exploring.  If there is one thing I have learned about Sydney, the city is always changing, there is always something new to discover, and I will never be an expert.  So enjoy this series: "Dave and Robin's Australian Adventure."

Immediately, the adventure begins, driving on the wrong side of the road, or is it the right side?  You make the call.

Our first stop was breakfast at Hungry Jacks, aka, Burger King.  How uncool of us was that.  We had to take them to the land of free refills ok?

Now we begin to embark on some unfamiliar territory, Parklea Markets, to stock up on fresh fruit and veges for the week.

I love how happy the guy is in this picture.

As Dane would say, Dave read about this statue, five different times during his stay in Australia.  This is the first.

On the Harbour Bridge.

We spent some time in a museum in the area of the city known as "The Rocks."  This is the first place people settled in Sydney.  The convicts who were brought here quarried the rocks to build the buildings. You can see the marks on this rock where they cut it out of the ground and formed it into a brick.

There was a red carpet exhibit downtown, so I had to model the fashion trends of June 2 in Sydney.  Ponchos, umbrellas, and rain boots were in.  Sunnies, bathing suits, and shorts were out.

They've been together 34 years!  I just love it!

And the kids who've been together 8 months give it a shot.

I find great humor in this picture.  I feel like it captures so much.  Exhaustion, frozen, hungry, but eager anticipation of the light show that is about to come to downtown Sydney.

I hope you've enjoyed day one of Dave and Robin's Australian Adventure.  Tune in tomorrow for our trip to the Blue Mountains.

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