Thursday, July 19, 2012

282 days ♥

Please hang with me while a gush for a little bit.  I came to the realization today that Dane and I have been married for 282 days.  Not every day has been glorious, lovey-dovey, or easy, but I am so so so thankful for this man in my life.  God has blessed me with the perfect partner in crime to do life with.  When I think back on the past 282 days I realize all of the amazing experiences we have been there for each other, supporting one another, cheering one another on.  

Like on day 92 we said goodbye to our friends and family and took off for a life changing experience.  

On day 108 I watched Dane audition for Hillsong College.  

On day 117 we began serving together at Greater West Hillsong Church.  

On day 136 we thanked God for provision in our lives.  

On day 143 God spoke to Dane about a car coming into our lives in the future.  We continue praying into this promise.

On day 145 we bandaged Dane's ankle.  We would continue doing this for 30 more days. 

On day 161 we celebrated the freedom Jesus brought into my life. 

On day 172 Dane had to wipe my tears. He does this a lot for me.

On day 195 we enjoyed dinner with new friends.  

On day 207 I turned 30 with my best friend by my side.  

On day 224 we started a new tradition, nestler day.  

On day 232 we were anointed as a couple and a prayer of blessing and financial freedom was prayed over us.  

On day 245 we discovered the world's largest mammals in the Pacific Ocean.  

And on day 279 Dane brought me home just because flowers.

Today, on day 282, we snuggled to stay warm as our bedroom got down to 41 degrees in the night, we got a new housemate from South Africa, and are having our friend Nick from Thailand come over and teach us how to make one of my favorite dishes, Pad Thai.  

Every single day with you Dane is a blessing. 

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