Sunday, July 22, 2012


Dane and I visited Pancakes on the Rocks this past week.  This is a restaurant we've been wanting to try out since we got to Sydney.  Their speciality, obviously, is pancakes, and they do them well.  I am including a link on the history of the restaurant, mainly for Papa Wutke, because we know how you like your history, but maybe a few of the rest of you will enjoy the read as well.  pancake history.

So clever!

Dane's Order: Devil's Delight Pancakes

Christy's Order: Brandied Apricot Pancakes

And of course, we finished our meal with a hot chocolate.   We loved our pancakes, but want to go back and try plain ol' buttermilk next time.  We feel that is the true test of any pancake.  Yes, Pancakes on the Rocks, we will be returning soon!

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