Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Go Swans!

This weekend Dane and I enjoyed our very first Australian Football League game.  By default, we have become Sydney Swans fans, and let me be honest, thats the team I would have picked anyway.  I mean where else are you going to find an amazing mascot like a swan that rides a scooter around the field and shakes his tail feathers?

Something you might not know, AFL is played on an oval field.  The game involves moving the ball down the field by throwing it, like you would throw a rugby ball and kicking it.  If you can kick the ball through the middle posts you get six points.  If it goes through the outer you get one.  The Swans played the Magpies.  A little Aussie bird knowledge for you all, the magpie is also a bird, a very territorial bird.  Speaking of magpies, I think they knew I cheered for the Swans this weekend because twice now this week I have been attacked by one on the way to work.  It is currently building its nest right outside our house, and I am told it wants my hair to use as nest builder.  I am the ONLY person in the house who has been attacked.  Tomorrow morning, it is ON bird.  Ok, moving on with our story.

Here are the Sydney Swans warming up.  I titled this picture "let's go girls."  I think only Brock will get that joke, but it certainly made me smile.

We went with our amazing a beautiful friend Amelia and the night was full of firsts.

We had our first meat pie.  Wow, they are good.  Flakey pastry crust with a hearty beef center.  So yum!

And for the first time ever, we saw the Olympic torch.  But not only was it the torch, it was actually lit. I didn't realize this, but all Olympic sites around the world light their torch during every Olympic games.  We just happened to be at Sydney Olympic Park and snagged a couple pictures.  It really was quite impressive to see.

As for the game, the the swans lost, but it went all the way down to the end.  As for me vs the magpie, well its 0-2, but tomorrow morning that is all going to change!

Love you all,
the kids down under

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