Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dream come true

Tonight, "the coffeehouse" is opening at my church. It has been a dream of mine to open a coffeehouse ever since college when I discovered that coffeehouses are where I had some of my most relational moments with people. We would talk about life, we would debate tough questions and in the end we would fall in love. Not in the romantic sense, but in the human since. I feel that God has called us all to love, whether that be one another or our enemies and I don't think anyone is going to disagree with me, love is a good thing.

When I started youth ministry full time 5 years ago, I began dreaming of a coffeehouse within a church. I spent 5 years collecting bits of information and thoughts on what makes one fun, memorable, and happy! I feel we've done a swell job at the Presby creating a great little space where people can get to know each other better, have open and honest conversations, rekindle their marriage by having date night, catch up with an old friend, get away from it all, or maybe even meet someone new.

So here are a few quick peeks at some of my favorite parts of the coffeehouse, and if you live in or around the place I call home, I hope you'll come and check it out tonight from 7:00-10:00 pm. A special little treat, my brother Brock is playing an acoustic set from 8:00-9:00.

One of my favorite parts of the coffeehouse is the chose your own mug option.

You can have your art displayed in the coffeehouse. Right now we're running a campaign called "your art here" to encourage people to apply. You must provide several pieces of art to hang or pottery to display. I'm excited to see what people come up with!

I adore these vintage chairs that used to take up space in our youth room and now have a seriously cool purpose. The entire coffeehouse has been stocked with furniture and items that weren't boughten but donated or repurposed. Lets just say the Presby doesn't have a lot of spare furniture just sitting around anymore.

This is my favorite little nook to crash in the coffeehouse.

We left this beautiful piano in the room and its just beggin for someone to sit down and play it!

Our tea selection simply makes me smile.

My friend Anna did this on the old chalkboard that was headed to the dump...pretty sweet!

A huge thanks to my dad, mom, Dane, and Isaac for helping tin the wall in the basement. It looks incredible.

I love that there are live plants all around. It makes things come to life!

It's going to be a delicious evening!

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