Friday, October 9, 2009

opening night

Opening Night was FANTASTIC.

Things I learned:
1. If you brew 4 coffeepots at once you will blow the breaker.
2. The inside of piano is way cooler than the outside. So take off the lid and play a little.
3. Sunshine Smoothie was our most popular drink.
4. Everything looks happier with whipped cream and a swirl on top.

Here are some pics of how we transformed the space from drab, clashy and cold to warm inviting and happy. As well as a few other pics from opening night.


a lot of sunshine smoothie action...i told you it was good!

brock sharing some fantastic acoustic music.

lots and lots of that makes me giddy.


the treats provided by jenna, holly, adam and anna were so delicious. the cookies in the other room are calling my name right now!

just relaxin'

after the night, brock and dane had an awesome jam session.

i just love this picture.

happy friday!

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