Wednesday, June 20, 2012

cafe ♥: the rocks cafe

1. We enjoyed a bit of breakfast, coffee, and tea at the rocks cafe.  I had an absolutely delicious blueberry muffin and enjoyed a lovely latte.
2. The menu was simple but had plenty to keep this girl happy.
3. The cafe is not far from this lovely Australia icon.
4. We sat on the second story of the building by the windows facing the street.  I absolutely loved it here, because it gave us an amazing view of the streets below.  This little guy came to visit us.
5. And then his friend joined him.  
6. Dave loved this sign.  It is pretty classy for a police station.
7. Look at the meringue on that bad boy.
8. This would have been my choice from the dessert cabinet, had it not been 8:30am.  I have a feeling I might have to return to satisfy a craving.

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