Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dave and Robin's Australian Adventure: Whale Watching

If you ever have the chance to go whale watching in Australia, go.  Need some reasons why?

1) You get up close and personal with these amazing creatures.

2. You get to ride on a really cool boat.
3. You get to spend time with amazing people.

4. You get to have animals come up next to you that are as big as your really cool boat.

5. You get to see the Sydney Harbour bridge from a new and unique view.

6. You get to experience the open sea, for me, it was the very first time.

7.  You get to see other spectacular things from the boat ride.

7. You get to view a sea of diamonds.

8. You get to see scenes that would make Thomas Kinkade jealous.

9. You can make new friends.

10. And if you are really fortunate, you get this view of a whale.  Seeing a whale's spine is actually quite rare considering it is illegal to approach whales in water from behind.  Boats must keep 100 meters between themselves and the whales, and must stay on the side of the whales.  If they choose to come up to you, even give your boat a little bump, that is totally ok :)

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